Kathy Martinez

If you’re reading this then the odds are that you are
looking to make a change. It could be that you have an injury or a nagging ache
that won’t go away. You might just feel stuck and need some guidance on where
to go next. I understand because I’ve been in your shoes. I can assure you that
if you are open, present, and let your heart guide you, your life can change.

Growing up, I was never into sports or being physically
active. Sure, I ran on the treadmill and dabbled in the weight section of the
gym when I was working as a paralegal, but honestly, I didn’t truly know what I
was doing. It wasn’t until I joined a women’s only gym that I really began to
see the power that physical fitness and taking responsibility for your health
has on changing people’s lives. I realized that I had a calling to help others
take charge of their own wellbeing and a burning desire to share this message.

To best help others, I have always sought out the gold
standard in my personal education. When I became a personal trainer, I went to
school for an entire year to get my certification (some people do a single
weekend course and call themselves certified!). When I wanted to specialize in
kettlebell training, I got certified by Pavel Tsatsouline, the man who
introduced them to the USA. As I sought out unique ways to help others, I
learned cutting edge neurological training methods by Z-Health Performance.
When I wanted to learn how to help people deal with issues that were not
responding to traditional medical care, I became certified in Fascial Stretch
Therapy (FST) by the creator Ann Frederick, who essentially created the
flexibility and stretching industry in this country. In fact, I believe in the
certifications in FST so much, I am a member of the Teaching Team at the
Stretch to Win Institute, teaching this method to trainers, therapists, and
chiropractors who come from all over the world for the courses. It’s great to
have good intentions when working with others, but it’s even better to combine
this caring with credible training and high educational standards.

Even though I love to learn and want to know the nuts and
bolts of all these training methods, you don’t need to know any of this
information to benefit as a client. The bottom line is that you will feel good
after a session. People have been trained to expect pain when they get on a
treatment table, be it a stretch or a session at a physical therapy office.
With FST, I avoid taking you into pain. Also, I will evaluate you and tailor
the session to your needs. Due to this personalized plan, whatever issue lead
you to the office will improve quickly – you should expect to see improvement
by the end of your first session.

I know that if I can change my health and fitness, anyone
can if they are open to trying new things and willing to put in effort. There
is no need to be reliant on pills and fixated on a label given to you by a
well-meaning medical professional. My passion is to help you see a whole new
world of possibilities. I will show you that you are much more than you
realize, and I will empower you to be the best version of yourself possible.


Mike Yuhaniak

I believe that learning from our mistakes and ignorance is a big part of life. When I first set out to help others, I used to tell clients that I was simply trying to teach them “what I wish I knew back when…” Despite being young at the time I realized that there is usually someone who has achieved what we are trying to accomplish. If I could save someone from having to fumble around in the dark, I could help them move on to what they wanted to accomplish more quickly and effectively. While trying to fulfill this goal, I also realized that no one approach provides all the answers to life’s problems. I knew that I needed to build a big tool box, one that has the right tool for the situation at hand.


In my quest to add more tools over the years, I traveled extensively to learn from industry leaders in fitness, physical therapy, and massage. Incidentally, this is how I ended up in Arizona, moving out here to be with the love of my life who I met at a continuing education workshop (Kathy’s version of the story might be more exciting, but that’s neither here nor there). Needless to say, I think that learning from the best and being certified in their methods is an important factor when choosing to work with someone.


When I started working with my hands, I became enamored with CranioSacral Therapy so I went to the Upledger Institute (the creators of the method) to learn how to best help people using the techniques. To be a well-rounded massage therapist, I chose the school that offered the best blend of Eastern and Western methods. To enhance my ability to hold space for others, I learned Reiki from the best Reiki teacher in Arizona. Similarly, when I saw how effective Fascial Stretch Therapy was at making people feel better, there was no choice but to study under the Fredericks at the Stretch to Win Institute since they created the entire industry. I’ve always found that the quality of care you receive is heavily influenced by the quality of the teachers your therapist had in their own education.


Due to my extensive learning experiences, I like to think of my work with clients as intelligently informed intuition. I will use the right tool for you and meet you where you are. If you have long-held issues, I find that there are many layers to these issues, much like onions. I will help you peel away the layers at a pace that is comfortable for you so that you can process at a speed that works for you. We endure stresses daily and our bodies are amazingly resilient at accommodate these stressors. After a while, our bodies cannot accommodate any more challenges without compensating in some way. When our bodies stop being able to compensate, something’s got to give, whether physically or emotionally. Our work together will help you release tensions and enhance your body’s ability to self-correct. My goal is to help you get back to doing what you like without having to worry about breaking down.


I know that I have made (and continue to make) many mistakes in this journey we call life. If I can reinvent myself and learn from them than you can too. Let me help you get where you want more efficiently and effectively.